Child Safety Services for all of South Carolina

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Health Education Programs
Address:121 Executive Center Drive, Suite 135
Columbia, SC 29210
Maps and Directions
877-824-3228 Toll Free In-State
Description:The Brain Injury Alliance of South Carolina is a nonprofit organization which was developed by persons with brain injury, their families, and concerned professionals in an effort to provide information and support to those who have experienced brain injury. The Website includes information about prevention of head and brain injuries and information about support groups across the state.

(Molina Healthcare)
Address:4105 Faber Place Drive, Suite 120
North Charleston, SC 29405
Maps and Directions
Phone:855-882-3901 (Member Services Toll-Free)
855-237-6178 (Provider Services Toll-Free)
877-552-4642 (Toll-Free)
Description:A community based, provider run program that is for eligible Medicaid recipients. Provides primary care case management in which participants have primary care services and take part in health education classes. Please call for more information.

(Prisma Health and USC College of Pharmacy)
Phone:800-922-1117 Toll Free
800-222-1222 Toll Free
803-777-1117 Local
803-777-7805 Drug Information
Description:Assistance for exposures to poisonous substances is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only poison control center in the state of South Carolina is at the USC College of Pharmacy. SC has one central poison control information center and multiple hospital treatment sites throughout the State. The Palmetto Poison Center can give you medical advice concerning overdose or poisoning from prescription drugs, street drugs, household products, chemicals, plants, insect bites, snake bites, etc.

(Department of Health and Environmental Control)
Phone:855-472-3432 (Toll Free)
Description:On the map, click on the county you live in to find the location and contact information of the closest office. Services in county health departments include WIC supplemental foods and nutrition education for eligible pregnant and post-partum women and infants and children up to age 5; maternity care and education for pregnant women; family planning counseling and education and birth control; health screenings for HIV, STDs and TB; immunization, nutrition, lead screening, and social services. Services also include environmental health issues, such as restaurant inspections, on-site sewage, rabies, and West Nile Virus. Please check with your local office to see which services are offered.

(Safe Kids Worldwide)
Address:1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20037
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Description:Safe Kids Worldwide is a partnership with Educational Adventures, an edutainment company based in Charlotte, N.C. The two organizations are creating a new multimedia campaign based on the Danger Rangers, animated characters designed to empower children to make better safety decisions. Parents can learn about toy recalls, school bus safety and other safety tips for children. There are also activities that parents and teachers can give to their children to teach them safe behavior.