Homeopathy Programs for Aiken County

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Homeopathy Programs

Address:308 West Avenue
North Augusta, SC 29841
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Description:Dr. Robert Pendergrast practices integrative medicine, specializing in natural approaches. From conventional medicine to acupuncture, massage and bodywork, yoga, nutrition therapy, clinical hypnosis, energy healing,life and health coaching, and health psychology, various perspectives complement each other and add up to a holistic approach for each individual. They do not offer primary care and do not take the place of a primary care physician. Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health's aim is to complement the patient's primary care with holistic approaches to symptom relief and to strengthening and supporting their overall condition. They see patients for chronic or acute issues, and offer specialized advanced cardiac testing.

Common issues they address include: headaches, abdominal pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, fatigue, children's bedwetting, asthma, autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity, overweight, reducing risk of heart disease, and providing support during treatment for serious illness such as cancer or auto-immune disease. They offer workshops and classes that are geared toward health ownership.

Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health does not file insurance claims, but provides a bill for submitting to insurance. Please see the Website for more information.