Child Behavior Disorders Services for the City of Columbia, SC

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(University of South Carolina)
Address:9 Richland Medical Park, Suite 210
Columbia, SC 29203
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Description:The Developmental Pediatric Clinic evaluates children who have developmental, academic and/or behavioral difficulties and other special issues such as cerebral palsy, which may be associated with learning problems. The goal is to generate a profile and an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan that reflects the input from all the team members, including the parents. The Developmental Pediatrician evaluates the child initially and upon his or her referral to the patient is subsequently seen by the other specialists within the clinic or possibly outside the clinic depending on the individual case. It is preferred that a follow-up visit with the developmental pediatrician be scheduled to review the evaluations and provide follow-up.
Address:4500 Stuart Street
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
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Description:This is an outpatient clinic with numerous services, located on Fort Jackson in Columbia, serving active duty personnel, their families, and retirees who are enrolled in TRICARE. Some services are restricted to active duty personnel. Check the Web site for specific information about services, including clinics, pharmacy, and TRICARE information.