Where can I go for help and more information about dental and oral disease?

In addition to your dentist's office, there are several places where you can find more information on dental and oral health. There are state and national organizations as well as local support groups to help you. Use your local library and the Internet to find information on any topic related to dental and oral health.

To learn more:

South Carolina Resources
Major Internet Dental and Oral Health Sites
Free or Low Cost Dental Services
National Resources
Dental and Oral Health sites for Patients with Special Needs
Dental and Oral Health Sites for Kids
Dental and Oral Health Sites for Young Adults and Teens
Professional Organizations

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Written by: Judi Berry, B.F.A.
Reviewed by: Michael J. Engel, D.M.D.
Last Modified: Thursday September 26, 2019 9:09 AM