On the Trail of the Missing Ozone:The Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Ozone Depletion
(Environmental Protection Agency)
This site gives us an explanation of what the ozone is, what is causing damage to it, how it effects us, and what can be done about it. The information is presented in an amusing comic book style which is also provided in different formats (illustrated panels, text, and Adobe Acrobat). At the bottom of the page, click on Ozone Science for a more scientific explanation.
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Sun Exposure
Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine.
(Skin Cancer Foundation)
Has information about sunburn, including prevention, treatment options and facts about sunburn and skin cancer.
Sunburn: Treatment and Prevention
(Healthy Children)
Has information on how you can prevent your child from getting sunburn and treatment options for sunburn.

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