Asthma Sites in Spanish

Aire Interior (Interior Air)
(Environmental Protection Agency)
This site provides Spanish-speaking people resources for maintaining indoor air quality in their homes, schools and businesses.
(The American Lung Association)
Information about controlling asthma is provided in Spanish.
Programa para la PrevenciĆ³n del Asma (Program for the Prevention of Asthma)
(National Center for Environmental Health)
The Centers for Disease Control provides facts about asthma and the asthma control program.
Resources: EspaƱol
(American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
This is an entire page of links to sites written in Spanish about asthma, allergies and air quality. There are links to children's stories about asthma and allergies, easy-to-read pamphlets and brochures, and tip sheets providing facts and helpful information.
Understanding Asthma
This video describes what is asthma, what may cause an asthma attach and ways people with the disease can treat symptoms.

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