Professional and Support Organizations

American Lung Association of South Carolina
This is the oldest voluntary health organization in the United States. It began as a response to tuberculosis in 1904. Now it fights all diseases of the lungs with an emphasis on asthma, tobacco control and environmental health. The site provides information about asthma, tobacco, air quality, occupational health, school programs and related statistics. You can also find out how to contact the regional office to learn what is happening in your part of the state and how you can help. There is also information in Spanish.
Allergy & Asthma Network
This national, nonprofit network of families promotes asthma education, advocacy, community outreach and research. Their Web site provides information about asthma management using the concept of a village and in each part of the village (school, childcare center, pet shop, market, etc.) there are different issues to learn about. There are also publications available through the site and information in Spanish.

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