Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine. Includes overviews from the NIH and Mayo Foundation, information about diagnosis, treatments, specific conditions, clinical trials and more. There is also a link to Endometriosis for teens. Select espanol from the menu bar for Spanish links.
Endometriosis Association
This is a non-profit, self-help organization "founded by women for women." It has educational and support information for women and girls who have endometriosis. The site lists support groups by state. Also provides information for those wanting to start a support group. Some information available in Spanish.
Endometriosis Research Center
The ERC is a support organization, international in scope, "founded in 1997 to address the growing international need for disease research, education, awareness and patient support." There is an excellent slide and audio presentation, "What is Endometriosis," on the home page. To learn more, select Do you have Endo? from the menu bar. There is a list of questions you can answer, then print out to take to your doctor. Select from options on the menu bar for more Endo Faqs and information. There is also an online support group you can join.
Endometriosis Overview
(National Institute of Child Health & Human Development)
Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecological diseases, affecting more than 5.5 million women in North America alone. The two most common symptoms of endometriosis are pain and infertility.This is a good overview of Endometriosis, presented in question and answer format.
Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine.

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