What’s the latest cancer research news?
What’s the latest cancer research news?

Cancer research is ongoing, with findings and breakthroughs reported on a regular basis. You may find information in medical and professional journals, magazines and newspapers, or by watching the television news. Often, this information also appears on affiliated Internet sites.

It’s important to understand that these reports are often "initial findings" that aren’t immediately useful to current cancer patients and their families. On rare occasions, you may read or hear of ongoing clinical trials and studies seeking participants. You may wish to bring these materials to your doctor’s attention in the event you may be an appropriate candidate for a clinical trial or study.

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OncoLink, maintained by the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, is an excellent place to find out about all aspects of cancer. It includes a Cancer newsfeed from Reuters on the homepage.
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"This page contains links to information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other Federal agencies. Information is provided on cancer issues in the media, advances in research, as well as news about cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment."
American Cancer Society
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