Do you want to participate in a clinical trial using medication?

Clinical trials allow scientists and doctors to test new ways to treat illnesses. Also, patients who feel the established treatments aren't working, can try something new and for less cost. The following links may help you decide if you want to participate in a clinical trial.

To learn more:

Learn About Clinical Studies
(National Library of Medicine)
Explains clinical trials in a question and answer format. Presents lots of information that patients and their families will want to know if they are thinking about enrolling in a clinical trial. A list of questions to ask your doctor or the people doing the study is very helpful.
(National Institues of Health)
This site allows individuals to search for clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other Federal and non-Federal organizations. It contains over 5,000 clinical trials. For a basic understanding of clinical trials, look under Resource Information in the center of the page, then select Understanding Clinical Trials.
Selected NHLBI Clinical Trials Across the U.S.
(National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)
Clinical trials sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health can be found at this site. You can search for trials by disease or condition, age group, and stage of trial. If you want to consider being in a clinical trial, this is a good site to visit with your doctor or health care professional to find out if trials are available.

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