Beaufort water scene

Beaufort, a picturesque seaport located on Port Royal Island, is the second oldest city in South Carolina.

Beaufort is the seat of Beaufort County.

Before the Civil War, growing Sea Island Cotton brought great wealth to Beaufort’s planters. During the Civil War, the Union army occupied the city, leaving many grand homes and plantations untouched.

Today, the military, tourism and film making contribute to Beaufort's economy.

Where to visit:

Beaufort Water Festival
Usually held in July.
Some Admission Fees.

P.O. Box 52
Beaufort, SC 29901
Phone: 843-524-0600
Fall Festival of Houses
(Historic Beaufort Foundation)
Usually held in October
Admission Fee

P.O. Box 11
Beaufort, SC 29901
Phone: 843-379-3331
The Beaufort Museum and Arsenal
Admission Fee

713 Craven Street
Beaufort, SC 29901
Phone: 843-525-7077

Read more about it:

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Arts Council of Beaufort County
Beaufort County, South Carolina
City of Beaufort
Beaufort District Collection
(Beaufort County Public Library)

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