Lottie McClorin

As a Project Director for the Health-E-AME Physical-E Fit Program, Lottie McClorin trains health directors for the church�s wellness programs. She also sets an inspirational example for people who struggle with obesity and its life-threatening impacts.

McClorin, 30, has lost 70 pounds since 1995, when she was a graduate student of nutrition at South Carolina State University. Now, when she talks about a healthy diet and increased physical activity, she looks both forward and back. �Forward� to a time when South Carolinians lead healthier lives as a matter of routine. �Back� to the moment when she realized that an obese nutritionist would not be a good role model for healthier generations to come.

�I was learning about how to eat and go out into the community to talk to people about leading healthier lives, when I looked at myself in the mirror,� McClorin says. �I realized that I can�t tell people to live better lives if I�m not demonstrating how to do that. It came to me that I could be a role model. I�d be able to tell a story; not just give out information. I�d tell people of the trials I went through, and how they could make changes of their own.�

McClorin changed her behavior. She began to exercise. The between-meals snacks she had eaten as a child in the Williamsburg County community of Lane gave way to healthier alternatives. Instead of denying herself, she made �better decisions� about the frequency and portion size of her snacks. �I came to realize that, whatever goes into my body, I must work off,� she says. �Whenever I eat that sinful food, I must exercise or exert my body to work it off.�

McClorin credits God, family and friends for the motivation and support she needed to take control of her weight and health. Now 165 pounds, she�d like to lose approximately 15 more pounds � a goal that requires determination, focus and dedication. While the task is significant, the rewards more than offset the effort.

�By losing weight, I have discovered more energy,� McClorin says. �I am more willing to do different things, and find myself enjoying more activities. I�m much more open to new ideas and exploring possibilities. My self-esteem is much higher now than it was then. I like my outlook. I appreciate myself and that I can help others through my struggle.�

lottieHer position with the Health-E-AME Program offers many opportunities to do just that. The program encourages participants to increase their moderate physical activity to 30 minutes per day, at least five days a week. Dietary recommendations include five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, while decreasing portion sizes and dietary fat.

�It�s so rewarding when I go back to the community and am able to interact with people, especially youth,� she says. �I see so many young adults who are where I was overweight, unhappy, not motivated, and unsure about themselves. I encourage them to decide that they want to make a change, set realistic goals, eat in moderation and build physical activities into their daily routine. Set it in your mind, and make a healthy life style change!�

McClorin hopes that, if enough people heed her simple but direct advice, many of South Carolina�s historically high disease rates will decrease significantly.

�If we can teach the current generation the importance of healthy eating and exercise, they can teach succeeding generations the same lessons,� she says. �Maybe, someday, we won�t have the same problems with diseases and recurring health disparities that we�re facing now.�

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