Genetics, Birth Defects

Birth Defects
(Kids Health)
Describes birth defects in detail, including causes, common birth defects, birth defects that affect certain parts of the body, and the types of diseases and infections that may cause birth defects.
Genetics Home Reference
(National Library of Medicine)
This Web site has "consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes responsible for those conditions." Help Me Understand Genetics explains the basics of genetics, how genes work, and how mutations or changes cause disorders. You can search by a specific condition or gene or browse the complete list. There are summaries for each genetic condition and gene included. This site is under development; the coverage and resources will continue to grow. Excellent illustrations, a glossary, and links to additional Web sites add to the usefulness of this site.
Genetics/Birth Defects Topics in MEDLINEplus
This page lists links to all genetics and birth defects topics in MEDLINEplus.

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