Salmonella Infections

Food poisoning during pregnancy
(March of Dimes)
This brief article describes the dangers of listeriosis and salmonella infection to pregnant women and newborns. It lists steps you can take to prevent infection.
(Centers for Disease Control)
Find out about current outbreaks being investigated. This site explains the infectious disease caused by the Salmonella bacteria. It describes how it can be caught, symptoms, how it is diagnosed, treatment, and how to lower your risk. Be sure to read the section about preventing salmonella.
Salmonella Infections
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(Nemours foundation)
This article from KidsHealth for Parents describes the infections caused by the salmonella bacteria. Learn how to lower your risk of getting or spreading this disease by careful handling of food, hand-washing, and good sanitary habits. The article describes symptoms, treatment, and when to call the doctor.

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