Alliance for Hispanic Health of MUSC
The Alliance for Hispanic Health of MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina ) is an MUSC volunteer organization for students, faculty, and staff. It provides a forum for collaborating to address the health needs of the local Hispanic community including health care services, cultural awareness, student needs and recruitment, and research.
Charleston Moves
Charleston Moves is a non-profit organization promoting walking, running, cycling and transit to ensure a healthy community and health lifestyles. Learn about programs in the Charleston area, such as biking, hiking, and walking and other healthy alternatives to driving.
Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina
The Eat Smart, Move More Coalition is a partnership of state agencies and other groups implementing South Carolina’s state Obesity Prevention Plan. The site provides tools and tips on how people can live healthy lives in South Carolina.
Let's Go
Sponsored by Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina, Let’s Go provides more options for residents to eat healthy and get active.
Lighten Up Charleston
(City of Charleston)
Lighten Up Charleston is the City's initiative to support weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. Based on five key principles, the website allows you to measure your success. You will also find links to information on ways to lose weight (fitness programs, etc.), a locator for facilities and programs nearby and opportunities for the community to share our stories. Included is a community toolbox resource center that provides information on healthy eating and physical activity, community resources, programs, charts, BMI calculators, community links to health and wellness connections, and additional items that assist an individual with the neededsupport to run a self-sustained weight loss program.
Live Healthy South Carolina
Live Healthy South Carolina is a statewide collaborative to improve the health of all residents of South Carolina. There is a State Health Assessment report about the current health issues of South Carolina. There is also the five-year State Health Improvement Plan. Also has an interactive data section about health issues that affect the state. Several health organizations developed Live Healthy South Carolina, including Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) and South Carolina Office of Rural Health.

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