Medicines For Specific Conditions

Heart Information Center: Index of Medicines
(Texas Heart Institute at St Luke's Episcopal Hospital)
This site comes from the Texas Heart Institute. The drugs used to treat heart diseases are listed in groups based on how they work. Choose the group of drugs you are interested in from the screen. Common questions people have about heart disease are answered. Scroll towards the bottom and look for the "Medications" topic.
Medicines for People with Diabetes
(National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse)
This site comes from the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. It gives answers to questions you may have about drugs used to treat diabetes. Forms are included to let you personalize the information at this site. You will need a printer to print out these forms.
Medicines for Stroke
(Internet Stroke Center of Washington University)
This site comes from the Internet Stroke Center, a non-profit, educational service of Washington University in St. Louis Missouri. It lists the most commonly prescribed drugs for stroke treatment. Pictures of some of the pills are included. There are links to other sites with more information about these drugs.

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