More About Medicines

CDER Human Drugs
(FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research)
The CDER evaluates all new drugs before they are sold and monitors both over-the-counter and prescription drugs while they are being used to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards. This site has information about drug safety and education.
Crush Don't Flush
(Medical University of South Carolina Presidential Scholars-Environmental Issues Group)
Don't know what to do with expired medication? Read this flyer. Make extra copies and post around your school or office.
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Doctor's Guide to New Drugs or Indications
This site lists news articles from the Internet about new drugs. It also lists articles about new uses for drugs that are already being sold. Articles about new drugs in Canada, Europe and Japan are included so a drug in this list may not be available in the United States.
(Food and Drug Administration)
This Center for Drug Evaluation and Research site gives you an entire catalog of FDA Approved Drug Products. The catalog includes approved and tentatively approved prescription, over-the-counter, and discontinued drugs, drug approval letters, labels, and review packages.
Drugs@FDA: FDA Approved Drug Products
(Food and Drug Administration)
The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research lists new drugs approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. Newly approved uses for old drugs are included. Other changes to the way an old drug is given or combined with another drug are here too. Click on the alphabet at the top of the page to find a drug.
Index to Drug-Specific Information
(Food and Drug Administration)
This index has drugs that have important information about them, including safety reviews, safety alerts and other important information.
Medical Waste
(Hands on Health-SC)
Learn about the proper disposal of medicines, needles, and other medical waste.
New Medicines in Development
(Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America)
This site comes from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). Companies are always developing new drugs to treat diseases and conditions. This site lists drugs that are still in the development stage. What does that mean? You can not get these drugs yet; tests are still being run to make sure the drugs work and won't hurt you. You can search for drugs by disease groups, specific problems (indication), drug name or company. The site also lists long articles on certain groups of drugs. These articles require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medicine
(South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC))
Learn how to safely get rid of unwanted medicines and used needles and syringes. Includes what to do at home and where to find out about take-back programs.
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(Partnership for Safe Medicines)
Learn how to protect yourself from fake or illegal medicines. Safe Options for Buying Drugs links to a list of safe Internet pharmacy practice sites (VIPPS) and safe cost savings programs. Protecting Yourself & Your Family includes an 8-step SAFEDRUG guide that helps you judge whether your medicines are safe and gives tips on what to do if you are unsure. Also includes news about alerts and warnings.

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