Heart disease and stroke are the principal components of cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD claims 35 lives a day in South Carolina, making it the leading cause of death. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for both CVD and stroke. In this section, you can learn how to treat and prevent High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and Stroke and Brain Attack.

Heart Disease
Coronary heart disease, which causes heart attack, is the leading cause of death in South Carolina and the nation. In 2007, heart disease killed 8,983 South Carolinians. Heart disease affects African Americans at much higher rates than whites. Heart disease is not only a man's disease – more than half a million women die from heart diseases every year. Learn more about these diseases and what you can do to treat or prevent them.
High Blood Pressure
In South Carolina, 40% of African Americans and 20% of Caucasians will die from hypertension-related disease. It is estimated that only 30% know they have hypertension. Learn more about this “silent killer” that contributes to many life-threatening conditions.
Stroke and Brain Attack
South Carolina is known as the “Buckle of the Stroke Belt.” What does this mean? Simply, it means the incidence of stroke in our state is one of the highest in the nation. Find out what you can do to reduce your risk for a disabling or deadly “brain attack.”

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