Multilingual Health Websites

Health Information in Multiple Languages
(Refugee Health Information Network (RHIN®))
Multilingual information for health providers, refugees, and asylees in print, audio, and video formats grouped for easy access.
Health & Literacy Special Collection: Language Index
(World Education and National Institute for Literacy LINCS Project)
This Website provides patient education materials in 24 different languages. Effort has been made to provide culturally appropriate information. Some material is in the form of handouts which can be downloaded in PFD format and some are videos or images with sound and can be watched on the computer. There is also information about health literacy, statistics, legislation, and related news and event.
Healthy Roads Media
This site contains free health education materials in a number of languages and a variety of formats (video, audio, written handouts). Watch short videos or read to learn about health issues like food safety and diet, abuse, children's health, mental health, and many diseases. Over 100 topics and 19 languages are included.

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