Continuous Chest Compression CPR
(University of Arizona School of Medicine)
This new method of CPR does not require mouth-to mouth contact. Continuous Chest Compression CPR is a hands-only method developed by physicians at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Click on the link to view a video demonstration.
General Instructions for Disposable Respirators
(CDC StreamingHealth)
Watch a video that shows how to put on and take off disposable face masks that are to be used in areas where there is a flu outbreak
Healthy Roads Media
This site contains free health education materials in a number of languages and a variety of formats (video, audio, written handouts). Watch short videos or read to learn about health issues like food safety and diet, abuse, children's health, mental health, and many diseases. Over 100 topics and 19 languages are included.
National Conference on Health Disparities
(Medical University of South Carolina)
Listen to videos of keynote addresses from national figures in the fight against health disparities. "Incorporating historical context, proven strategies and visionary thinking, this year’s conference offers guidance to those individuals, communities, health care providers, funding agencies, political leaders and public policy makers who seek the reduction and elimination of health disparities."
Symptoms of Swine Flu
(CDC Streaming Health)
In this video, learn about the symptoms of swine flu and warning signs that you should seek a doctor's care.

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