The Cradle to Prison Pipeline Summit Dismantling the Pipeline


3rd Bi-Annual Statewide African American Conference:
"The Cradle to Prison Pipeline® Summit" Dismantling the Pipeline

Presented by The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs

When: October 9th-10th, 2009
Where: Russell House Union
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Issues being discussed :


  • lack of access to health and mental health care
  • child abuse and neglect
  • lack of quality childhood education
  • failing schools
  • zero tolerance school discipline policies
  • unsupported community institutions
  • neighborhoods saturated with drugs and violence
  • a culture that glorifies excessive consumption, violence and triviality
  • rampant racial and economic disparities in child and youth serving systems
  • tougher sentencing guidelines
  • too few positive alternative to the streets after school and in the summer months
  • too few positive role models and mentors in the home, community, social and cultural life
Conference website:

"The Cradle to Prison Pipeline® Summit" Dismantling the Pipeline

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Teen Health
School Health
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