Recognize Reliable Health Information on the Web
Diseases and Health Issues A-Z
Alphabetic list and links, includes search capabilities, databases and reference works.
Links to drug information sites.
Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Being a Smart Patient
Patient rights, questions to ask your doctor, informed consent, living wills and other advance directives.
Child Health
Links to sites about children's health for parents and children. Includes prenatal and infant health care.
Clinical Trials
Links to sites about clinical research programs for patients.
Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Disabilities and Special Needs
Living with disabilities, services for the disabled and those with special needs, support organizations, and information about particular disabilities.
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
Information about preparing for and dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, and other disasters.
Information to help you be better prepared for those unexpected accidents and illnesses.
End of Life Issues
Care, support groups, grief, hospice, living wills, and other issues surrounding end of life and caring for the dying.
Ethnic Health
Links to sites and topics focusing on the health issues and resources for major ethnic groups: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.
Finding a Doctor
Locate a doctor or specialist, find out about training, certification, and how to select a doctor.
Finding a Hospital
Locate a hospital, find out about certification of hospitals, and how to measure the quality of a hospital.
Health Statistics
Links to sites with statistics about health and wellness.
Health System
Types of healthcare facilities, health insurance and health plans, medical errors, HMOs, accreditation, health fraud, and other aspects of the health system.
Malpractice, Fraud, and Medical Errors
Links to sites with information about problems in medical practice.
Links to sites with information about Medicaid.
Links to sites with information about Medicare.
Military and Veterans Health
Health plans, facilities, services, and information for the military, their families, and veterans
Multilingual Health Websites
Websites that provide health information in many different languages for non-professionals and health information providers.
Links to sites with helpful information on raising children and teens. Web sites have advice and information ranging from bedwetting to driving the family car.
School Health
Web sites about school health issues such a asthma, diabetes, nutrition, air quality, tools for teachers and school nurses, and organizations for school health professionals.
Senior Health and Aging
Links to sites about health issues of aging, including lifestyle and wellness, diseases and disorders, care of the elderly, advocacy groups, and support resources.
Staying Healthy
Diet, food safety, exercise, travel, and other topics about living a healthy lifestyle.
Teen Health
Links to sites about teen health for parents and teens.
Travel Health
Links to sites discussing health advisories, immunizations, and other information for travelers.

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