Travel Health

Association for Safe International Road Travel
This interesting Web site promotes road travel safety throughout the world. You can find road safety information for many countries, safety information about driving, riding local taxis and buses, and even walking. Learn the meaning of international road signs and follow links to worldwide road signs. This site is worth a visit if you are traveling by surface transportation anywhere, whether as a passenger or a driver.
HealthMap: Global disease alert map
(Children's Hospital Informatics Program. Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology)
This is a neat place to find out about emerging infectious diseases around the world. Outbreaks are shown with colored points in a map of the world. Click on the point to get information from international health organizations and news sources about the nature of the problem. You can search by location, disease, or language. A useful site to check before traveling.
The International Society of Travel Medicine
This international organization of health professionals works to promote safe and healthy travel. You can locate travel medicine practitioners and clinics all over the world in the Travel Clinic Directory. Tips on being a respectful traveler are found by selecting Publications and then The Responsible Traveler.
Travel Medicine
This site features an International Travel Health Guide written by a physician. The Guide has information on many topics ranging from vaccines to business travel to altitude sickness. You can also find out about health risk advisories for many countries by selecting Destinations from the menu bar. The site also features a Travel Clinic Directory that includes clinics in the United States and abroad. Although this is a commercial site and sells products, the information sections are ad-free and easy to use.
Traveler's Health
(National Center for Infectious Diseases)
This government site has all kinds of information for people who travel. Topics include outbreaks, diseases, vaccinations, safe food and water, traveling with children, special needs travelers (disabled, pregnant, breast-feeding, HIV), and cruise ships and air travel.
Traveler's Health
Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine. Topics include News, General/Overviews, Prevention/Screening, Research, Specific Conditions/Aspects, Organizations, Children, Teenagers, and more. This is a good place to begin learning about how to travel and stay well. Read about jet lag, cruise ship health, vaccination requirements for international travel, current infectious outbreaks like SARS, traveling with children, and more. Select espanol from the menu bar for Spanish links.

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