South Carolina's towns and communities face significant public health and environmental safety issues. Here in South Carolina, we have industrial emissions, agricultural wastes, and we have a nuclear reactor site. In addition, South Carolina is among the fastest growing states in the nation. This is placing even greater demands on our natural resources. Every year we have more cars and trucks on our roadways and more boats in our waterways. All of these things affect our air, water and the food we eat.

What do we need to know as individuals to protect ourselves and the environment? What resources are there to help us understand how these environmental issues affect us directly and indirectly? Who can provide expertise and consultation? What are possible solutions to environmental hazards or threats to the health of our community and our residents?

This section of Hands on Health-SC is designed to help you learn about environmental health. These issues are complex and can be controversial. Even scientists have differing opinions on issues like global warming, pesticide use, and levels of toxins in the air or water. Hands on Health-SC links to Web sites that will help you learn what the issues are. Sites may represent different points of view or different levels of concern. As you learn more about these environmental health concerns, you can use this information to make your own decisions.

Your Environment
Information on all aspects of the environment of interest to the individual citizen: the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe. Searchable to the local level (zip code, town/city, county).
Environmental Health of Communities
Information on all aspects of environmental management and planning for community officials, leaders, and others.
Children's Environmental Health Issues
Information on environmental risks to children.
Rural and Agricultural Health Issues
Environmental health issues that affect people and communities in rural and farming regions.
Environmental Advisories, Alerts, and Emergencies
State and national advisories that affect health, where to report emergencies, and resources for help.
Environmental Resources in South Carolina
Government agencies, professional organizations, health care.
Find Out About
Environmental health topics of all kinds.
Environmental Organizations
Government, professional, clinical, and citizens organizations and advocacy groups.
Environmental Sites for Kids
Environmental Sites for Teachers
Environmental Statistics, Magazines, and more
Online journals, statistics...

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