Environmental Organizations

Audubon Near You
Find an Audubon chapter in your area and participate in field trips and bird watches.
Coastal Conservation Association
CCA is a national organization of mainly recreational fishermen who are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of marine resources.
(Physicians for Social Responsibility)
"EnviroHealthAction is an education and action center that provides an online community for health professionals and others interested in environmental health." This Web site offers brief overviews of environmental health issues and links to more information. Topics include toxics, children's health, air pollution, climate change and energy, safe drinking water, land use, and vulnerable populations and environmental justice.
Environmental Defense Fund
This is a non-profit, private environmental advocacy organization. It attempts to influence environmental action and legislation through the use of scientific evidence. It creates solutions to environmental problems. The Website provides information about wildlife, land and species protection, agricultural reform, protection of rivers and deltas, deforestation, and what you can do as an individual.
Environmental Protection Agency
Learn about protecting human health by protecting the health of the environment. See special sections on air, water, environmental regulations, ecosystems, environmental emergencies, industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, prevention and treatment of pollution. Also, learn how you can conserve of water and energy and how to protect the environment in your own backyard. You will also find educational resources for students and teachers, as well as games and activities for children. A section in Spanish is also provided.
Environmental Working Group
"The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to using the power of information to protect human health and the environment." The group researches and investigates environmental issues, prepares reports based on their findings, and makes these available. Their Web site includes work on issues such as mercury, human testing of pesticides, teflon/Scotchguard, farmed salmon and BCBs, pesticides and children, and more.
Lake and Watershed Association of South Carolina
(Friends of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS))
LWASC is a state-wide organization of interested citizens, scientists, lake managers, educators, recreational users and lake associations. They share a common goal of protecting the lakes and waterways of South Carolina. They provide community education, promote protection of waterways, encourage development of programs and legislation promoting watershed management, and encourage collaboration among organizations and individuals for the protection of water resources. The FOLKS Website is the home of the Lake and Watershed Association of South Carolina.
4065 Keowee School Road
Seneca, SC 29672
Phone: (864) 234-3016
E-Mail: keoweefolks@charter.net
National Audubon Society
This organization is for people who love birds and want to learn more about birds. The volunteers of the Audubon Society make a valuable contribution to natural science through its yearly bird counts. Its members promote the protection of birds and are involved in conservation. This site can teach you more about these issues and the hobby of bird watching.
National Environmental Health Association
The mission of the NEHA is “to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all.” The association credentials environmental health specialists in 7 programs, conducts educational and training workshops, and develops position papers on issues of importance such as Children’s Health, Global Warming, and Community Water Fluoridation. Select Position Papers from the menu for access to these documents. Most information on the site is for environmental health professionals and NEHA members.
National Safety Council
The mission of the National Safety Council is "to educate and influence society to adopt safety, health and environmental policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable causes." This is a good place to look for advice on staying safe and healthy. Some of the topics in the Resource area are Driving, Ergonomics, Falls, Farms, First Aid, Preparedness, and Understanding Radiation. Fact Sheets cover a broad range of subjects and offer stats, tips, and suggestions for making your world safer. Learn how to be safer at home, at work, at play, or on the road.
OCEANA: North America
OCEANA is an activist organization created to protect and restore the world's oceans. It uses teams of marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates to obtain policy changes to reduce pollution and prevent the irreversible loss of fish populations, marine mammals and other sea life. This is their North American Web page where you can learn about these issues, the work OCEANA does, and how you can help.
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
PANNA works to replace pesticide use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. As one of five PAN Regional Centers worldwide, it links local and international consumer, labor, health, environment and agriculture groups into an international citizens' action network. This network challenges the global proliferation of pesticides, defends basic rights to health and environmental quality, and works to insure the transition to a just and viable society.
Pew Environment Group
"Pew Environment Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that works to inform citizens about environmental problems and how they affect our health and quality of life. Our issues include global warming, forests, ocean conservation, energy, clean air, chemical plant security and environmental health."
SC Sierra Club Chapter
This site will show you what your South Carolina chapter is up to and how you can get involved.
Sierra Club (The)
The Sierra Club is a national, private non-profit organization whose mission is to “Explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth.” Activities include such things as camping, hiking, and canoeing to advocating for a cleaner environment.
South Carolina CCA
Find out about your local CCA chapter in South Carolina.
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League
This grassroots, nonprofit conservation organization works with citizens and government toward finding solutions to environmental problems. Here you can learn about protecting South Carolina’s beautiful natural landscapes, wildlife, clean water and traditional communities. Conservation issues like land use, water quality, forestry and wildlife, are covered.
Southern Environmental Law Center
This private, non-profit organization strives to protect the diverse ecosystems of the country’s Southern region. SELC’s mission is to restore and safeguard the quality of the region's air, water, forests, wildlife habitat, rural landscapes, and other critical resources. Their approach is to strengthen environmental protection laws and policies, though legal action, policy reform, public education and partnership. On this site you can learn about the issues, find out about problems in South Carolina and how the SELC is working to protect South Carolina’s environment. There is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to learn more about environmental protection issues.

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