Public Health works for all of us. The people and agencies in South Carolina’s public health system work to keep us healthy and to keep our communities healthier, safer places to live, work, and play.

This section of Hands on Health – South Carolina focuses on the issues and resources of public health. You can learn about new diseases, like SARS or familiar ones like flu, that move rapidly from country to country to infect many people. Find out how to protect yourself and your family from threats like West Nile Virus. Learn about the kinds of public health services we have in South Carolina: where you can get immunizations, where you can get tested for HIV/AIDS, and where you can get home health care.

Learn how to prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes or how to stay safe in an earthquake. Find out how safe it is to eat the fish in your local river or lake. Learn where to call to test your well water. Check out your air quality. This section is full of useful information you can use to make your daily life healthier.

Outbreaks and Diseases
South Carolina Advisories and Alerts
Public Health Resources in South Carolina
Emergency Preparedness and Response
South Carolina Web Sites
Federal Government Web Sites
Public Health Statistics

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