Pesticide Exposure

Frequently Asked Questions: Farm and Agricultural Workers
(Environmental Protection Agency)
This site has answers to qustions about pesticides that concern farm and agricultural workers. Get information and numbers to call if you are exposed to pesticides. Learn how to find out how toxic a pesticide is and how to read and understand pesticide labels. Find out where to get information about particular pesticides, how farmers know how much to use, who is allowed to spray pesticides on farms, and much more. Links to additional information are contained in each answer.
Household Products Database
(National Library of Medicine)
"What's under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Do these household products pose a potential health risk to you and your family? Find out what's in these products and what are the potential health effects, and other safety and handling information. " You can search by product type or name, ingredients, or search the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for health effect information.
PAN Pesticides Database
(Pesticide Action Network)
This database is a rich source of information about pesticides. Don't let its information-rich screens scare you away. You can learn a lot . There are helpful directions and descriptions for each search option. Search by chemical, product name or EPA registration number to find out poisoning symptoms, levels of toxicity to humans, regulatory information, approved uses, and much more. The International Pesticide Registration option lets you find out what pesticides are registered for use in different countries and which are restricted or banned. Select the Aquatic Ecotoxicity option to learn about the effects of pesticides on organisms that live in water. Select Least/Non-Toxic Alternatives for information on other methods of pest control. The Pesticide Poisoning Diagnostic Tool is to help clinicians identify and report pesticide-related illnesses.

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