What Are Cataracts?
(American Academy of Ophthalmology)
This short article describes cataracts and lists things that might increase your risk of developing cataracts. Find out how often you should see your eye doctor and what the symptoms of cataract can be.
Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine. Includes overviews, information on prevention and screening, treatment, clinical trials, research, and anatomy. There are links to information about cataracts in children and seniors. Select the Interactive Tutorial for a slideshow with sound. Select espanol from menu bar for Spanish links.
Cataract Surgery
(American Academy of Ophthalmology)
The pictures in this article show you how cataracts affect your vision and what happens during surgery. Read what to expect before surgery, the day of surgery, and after surgery. Possible complications are also listed.
Facts About Cataract
(National Eye Institute)
"This booklet is for people with cataract and their families and friends. It provides information about age-related cataract, the most common form of cataract. This booklet answers questions about the causes and symptoms of the disorder and discusses diagnosis and types of treatment." There are lists of questions to ask your doctor about your diagnosis, tests, and treatments. Read what happens before, during and after surgery. You can either read this on your computer, or download a .pdf file which appears in large type for easy reading.
(Mayo Clinic)
This article explains what cataracts are, the signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors, and how they are diagnosed. It also tells you about the different kinds of cataracts and the surgical techniques used to remove a cataract and implant a lens within the eye (an intraocular lens). Illustrations are included for some sections. For a large print version of the article, select Format to Print All sections and then choose Print size: Large.
What is a cataract?
(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ))
A short, easy-to-read description of cataracts. Includes a drawing.

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