Depression: What You Need to Know
(National Institute of Mental Health)
This online brochure explains what depression is and how it affects people. Topics include types and causes of depression, symptoms of depression and mania, depression in women, men, children, and the elderly. Diagnostic evaluation and types of treatments, including drugs, herbal therapy and psychotherapy, are discussed. There is also a section on how to help yourself if you are depressed and how family and friends can help someone who is depressed. Types of services and resources and how to find help are suggested.
Links to sites which have been reviewed by librarians at the National Library of Medicine.
Depression: Symptoms
(Mayo Clinic)
Gives examples of symptoms in major depression. Also includes depression symptoms in children and older adults.
Freedom From Fear Foundation
Freedom from Fear is a national not-for-profit mental health advocacy association that works to aid and counsel people and families who suffer from anxiety and depressive illnesses. Select Learn about anxiety and depression from the experts for links to articles about anxiety and depression and the treatment of these conditions. You can screen yourself for anxiety or depression using their questionnaire. Find a treatment center near you by searching the Referral Room.
This Website provides information on Mental and Emotional Health, Family and Relationships, Healthy Living and Seniors and Aging. Content is written and reviewed by medical professionals.
Men and Depression
(National Institute of Mental Health)
This is a comprehensive look at how depression affects men of all ages, from young boys to the elderly. It covers types of depression, symptoms, causes, evaluation and treatment, and advice for how to help yourself. Quotes from men who suffer from depression help you understand how you might feel if you are depressed and how it can affect your life.
(Department of Health and Human Services)
This site has information about the signs of mental illness, how you and others can seek help and how communities can host conversations about mental health. Learn about different types of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, anorexia, and schizophrenia. The site also includes information for people with mental illness, patients and caregivers, family and friends, and educators.
What is depression?
(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ))
A short description of depression, its symptoms and causes.

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