Farm and Agricultural Waste

Certification Program for Animal Manure Managers
(Clemson University)
The Clemson Extension Program offers information about their courses for people interested in obtaining certification in animal manure management. The Dairy and Poultry versions are still under construction, however the Swine program is available. Even if you are not interested in certification, there is a great deal of interesting information here. The introductory chapter of the training manual gives you a good overview of the controversy surrounding industrial hog farms in South Carolina and the resulting regulations. There is also contact information if you want to learn more.
Pollution from Giant Livestock Farms Threatens Public Health
(Natural Resources Defense Council)
This article from the NRDC’s Water Pollution section discusses how the waste from giant livestock farms can pollute local waters and threaten the health of the local citizens and wildlife. This article is especially critical of waste lagoons and manure sprayfields. Alternatives to these farm practices are offered and links to related sites are provided.
Waste Management Programs
(College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, North Carolina State University)
The State of North Carolina’s problems with large scale swine operations has prompted research at NCSU to find solutions. On this site you can learn about NCSU’s Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center and the new technologies being developed to protect the air, soil, and water while supporting the animal and agricultural industry.

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