Can you prevent asthma?

Adults can avoid getting asthma in the workplace by staying away from chemicals that irritate the lungs. Recent studies also show that infants are more likely to get asthma if dust mites and tobacco smoke are present indoors. If parents protect against those triggers, their infants are less likely to get asthma. People with a family history of allergy and asthma should be tested for allergies and avoid allergens that affect them when possible.

If you already have asthma, then you must learn how to prevent attacks. Learn what the triggers are and how to avoid them. See What causes asthma? Don't smoke. Avoid places where there is smoke. Ask friends and family not to smoke in your presence. Pay attention to the air quality conditions in your area. Check the newspaper or the Internet for current conditions and avoid outdoor exercise when conditions are poor. Try to maintain an allergen-free home and take your medicine according to your doctor's instructions.

To learn more:

Asthma: Prevention
This page from the Mayo Clinic's Web site explains how to prevent attacks. Scroll towards the bottom to the Prevention section.
Asthma and Allergy Prevention
(National Institute of Environmental Health Science)
This site offers prevention strategies to help you avoid exposure to things that can cause you to have asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
Ground-Level Ozone Forecast
(Bureau of Air Quality)
The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control shows you what the air quality is in your part of South Carolina. This site is updated daily and indicates ozone levels in the upstate, midlands, and central Savannah River area. In addition to the map, sections include more specific information about the air quality index, common questions about ozone, and links to national ozone forecasts.

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Written by: Lillian Trettin, Ph.D.
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