Speech and Communication Disorders Services for all of South Carolina

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(USC Speech & Hearing Center)
Office Name:Montgomery Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Address:950 Henderson Street
Columbia, SC 29208
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Description:University of South Carolina Aphasia Laboratory sponsors stroke recovery groups for those people who have difficulty communicating as a result of stroke. This problem is referred to as aphasia. The following are some of the symptoms that people with aphasia have (not all persons with aphasia have all of the symptoms): Difficulty coming up with the right words to say. Hard time understanding the speech of other people. Difficulty with reading and writing.

The people that attend the groups receive free therapy to improve their language function. This is accomplished by working on communication in a group setting with other individuals who have similar problems under the supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist. The groups also provide the opportunity for individuals to interact with and receive support from other persons who have suffered a stroke. If you are not sure if you, your family member, or friend would qualify for the groups, or want more information about the Stroke Recovery Groups, please call.