Erectile Dysfunction Services for Berkeley County

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Community Clinics

(Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC))
Address:1145 Six Mile Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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Description:The mission of The CARES Clinic is to provide free access to primary health care for the underserved and disadvantaged of the greater Charleston metropolitan area. Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00. Services are by appointment only. Because the clinic is student-run, they are limited to just 6 to 10 patients each evening, depending of the number of physicians available. Also accepts appointments for physical therapy, psychiatry, and women's services. Speak to the office manager to make an appointment.

(Sea Coast Church)
Address:5505 North Rhett Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406
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Description:Basic health care, vision care and dental care for adults and children. North Charleston, West Ashley and Hanahan residents who don't have federal medical assistance or health insurance and whose income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level. The clinic provides: General medical outpatient care, chronic disease management, Illness prevention and health education. Patients requiring specialty care are referred to appropriate Medical specialists, tertiary care centers, public health agencies and social services agencies. Call for appointments.
Address:2049 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29407
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(Four Holes Indian Organization Edisto Tribal Council)
Address:1125 Ridge Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472
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Description:The clinic provides family medical services to residents of the Natchez Indian Reservation and others who do not have insurance. Also has a pharmacy on site. Asks for $5 donations for treatment and medications. Please call for more information.