Asthma Sites for Kids

Kat's Asthma Story
(The Nemours Foundation)
Children learn what asthma is and how to control it through a story about a little girl named "Kat" who has asthma. It is also available in Spanish.
The Asthma Wizard™
(National Jewish Medical and Research Center)
The Asthma Wizard is a fictional character used to explain asthma to children. The Wizard character tells a story about Zack who has asthma. You can choose to read the story in English or Spanish. It is beautifully illustrated and some parts are animated with sound. A jigsaw puzzle, a dictionary, and coloring pages are included on the site. Children can also ask the Asthma Wizard questions by email.
Just for Kids
(American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
This site gives kids a long list of fun sites to choose from that will teach them about asthma. Many are interactive sites and some will require Acrobat Reader or Real Player.

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