This is a site created by the American Academy of Family Physicians. It is promoted as “health information for the whole family” but is also an excellent source for health professionals looking for easy-to-read handouts for their patients. You can use its search tool for a specific topic or look in Health Topics and find it in their alphabetical listing. You can browse under general categories of health conditions or find topics by selecting parts of the body. You can also browse under special groups (men, women, children, seniors.) There is a section for parents needing information about children’s health issues, a section on healthy living, and a section in Spanish. Reviews of other health web sites are offered as well as daily health tips. There is a drug information section and a dictionary of medical terms. The site’s Find a Family Doctor allows you to search for a doctor in your area who belongs to the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Healthfinder is a Web site created by the U.S. government. It gives an easy-to-use collection of health Web sites that have been reviewed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Health topics are listed alphabetically or a search engine may be used. Health topics are also arranged by population groups (children, adults, African-Americans, etc.) It includes a link that gives a choice of health sites in Spanish.
Mayo Clinic
This site is brought to you by the famous Mayo Clinic. All health information is written and reviewed by a team of Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, writers and educators. The site is easy-to-navigate and includes an alphabetized listing of diseases and conditions as well as a search feature. It also includes several special sections. The Health Decision Guide helps people decide what treatment to select for health problems such as herniated disks, breast cancer and children's chronic ear infections. Disease Self-Managers help you learn how to deal with chronic health conditions such as low back pain or asthma. There is also a section on First Aid. For people who want to live healthier lives there are the Healthy Living Centerîand Healthy Lifestyle Planners.
This site was created by the National Library of Medicine. It gives good, complete and up-to-date health information and includes a list of dictionaries. All information is from the National Library of Medicine or the National Institutes of Health. Both easy-to-read and Spanish sites are included. There is also a news section on the first page giving the latest health headlines.
This Web site, developed by Merck & Company, contains unbiased health information without advertisement or product promotion. Visitors may go there for reliable, physician-reviewed information.
The Medical Futurist
The Medical Futurist is the first and only medical social media guidance service. Provides both medical professionals and patients with free health content from various social media outlets.

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