Environmental Sites for Kids

EIA Energy Kids
(Department of Energy)
Check this site out to learn about sources of energy and how you can be more energy efficient at home and at school. There are links to games, animations, and lots of good information about how sources of energy impact our environment.
Energy Star Kids
(U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy)
Comics, puzzles, coloring books, and more to help you learn how the climate is changing and why this is hurting the environment. Let Lorax teach you how to help.
EPA Student Center
(Environmental Protection Agency)
This site gives students background information on many environmental issues. Topics covered include Home, Air, Conservation, Ecosystems, Human Health, In Your Neighborhood, Waste & Recycling, Water, and much more. Select a topic to get links to more resources.
How Kids Can Help Keep Water Clean
(Tennessee Valley Authority)
This page from TVAKIDS.com tell kids how they can conserve and protect the water in their communities. Here they learn about cleaning up streams, planting vegetation, how to partner with government agencies, and tips about how not to pollute the water.
Kids for Saving Earth
This is a fun Website where kids can learn about wildlife and the environment. There are neat projects and exciting educational material for kids, teachers, families, and other groups.
(National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
This site has lots of educational and fun activities about health and the environment. Sections include Games and Activities, Story Time, Sing-Along Songs, Brainteasers and Riddles, Hot Topics, Careers, and Projects. Select Other Cool Links and Resources for more fun science sites and games. It also has some environmental justice content.
Soaps and Detergents
(American Cleaning Institute )
This site covers the history and chemistry of soaps and detergents, discusses safety issues, explains the differences between different cleaning products and how they work, and how they are made. Explanations are given with colorful illustrations.

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